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We Provide Masks and PPE for a Safer Workplace

We Provide Masks and PPE for a Safer Workplace

Our Priority is Getting Your Team
the PPE They Need to Feel Safe

We have made it our mission to provide healthcare facilities and all businesses the ability to create safe environments in the workplace. We believe it should be easy to have access to Personal Protective Equipment and we are here to provide it swiftly and at fair prices. LiveSafe wants to support our local communities and businesses in providing the tools necessary to thrive in the “New Normal.”


We provide you with PPE at fair prices to facilitate safe interactions in the workplace so you can focus on business productivity.


We have integrated supply chain reliability utilizing trusted manufacturers to seamlessly get you the products you need.


We help protect your clients so that you can service them responsibly while also reducing your exposure.

We take the health and safety of your employees and clients seriously. 


LiveSafe offers a full range of PPE Products.  We can ship & deliver the products you need for your workplace.  We have transparent and direct access to our qualified manufacturers, providing legitimate products with appropriate certifications and we will get them to you quickly.


 You deserve to have PPE at fair prices.

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